Friday, May 20, 2011

I Want You to Want Me !!!!

“People will hate you, rate you, break you, and shake you; How strong you stand is what makes you”- Judy Reynolds, Facebook 2011.

Interesting comment I received via Facebook the other night. And how timely and true it could really be. Everyone wants to be number #1, sometimes so much so, that they forget the things they felt were important at one time, or feel that success is the be all and end all. To me, this all comes down to merit, how much faith we place in ourselves; and how much of a hold we allow others to have on our affairs.

Everybody would love at one time or another to be the “Top Dog” but what is the true cost of this position? Is it something which could consume us to the point which it becomes all we are focused on? (to the dismay of those closest to us) or will it be something that we only occasionally think about, because we are happy with the “status quo”. I think when we are younger, a good portion would be ‘A’ because we are trying to prove ourselves as a worthy employee. As we get older, not so much, as with age comes the general thought that we have taken all the steps necessary to prove ourselves; and now we are letting our drive and reputation lead the way somewhat. There will always be that young pup chomping at the bit to succeed and prove he is the new “chosen one”. One day (s)he will realize that motivation will only get you so far; sometimes skill and knowledge do trump youth.

That’s not to say that those around you won’t try at some point to burst your bubble. This could be a healthy case of jealousy over your success and what they deem “the golden horseshoe”. Skill still counts in today’s workplace and if you can receive the education needed to continually improve in your work environment, good for you! At the end of the day, it is your standard of living which you should be concerned with; and even your closest advisor isn’t going to take responsibility for your welfare. How bad do you want the “Brass Ring” and to what lengths are you willing to go before reality kicks you in the keister?

Never be afraid to be yourself; popularity contests are only for the insecure and those who know no better. by keeping your head down and your goals up, you will find a balance can be struck between what you are seen as and what you really are capable of. Stand firm, and don’t for one minute change your belief system, at the end of the day it just isn’t worth it, and probably sooner than later; the others that have been judging you, will see you were right the whole time.

Now that, is Something to Think About….

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Friday, May 13, 2011

How Much is Too Much?

This is probably a topic I have already had my say on. If not, please let me ramble for a few minutes on the importance of some personal information on an online profile (used to acquire business)

I think it is safe to say that most of us are active on Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Recruiting Blogs, (or any blog in general) and on these and many other sites we have been asked to provide some information of a personal nature (Name, E-mail, Phone Number, or any way someone can contact you). Its surprising how many people don’t leave any information at all, or give half an effort, almost like they don’t want any contact, just the ability to give their point of view on anything, because it is the one that counts.

Especially interesting is the amount of people who have a fantastic looking Linked-In profile, complete with a decent profile picture and glowing recommendations, but NO e-mail address or contact phone number!! Why do half a job? It would seem to me that setting up a profile in the first place would be to attract interest, either if your abilities are needed by someone (in a hiring position), or you seem to have posted a reasonable amount of information that causes someone to wish to reach out to….

Never mind, they can’t reach out to you because you are still a phantom. Yes I am sure you answered all the questions you thought were important, but unfortunately you left out a key one—How to get in touch with you.

Even if you are just using these accounts on an employee/employer basis; something as basic as an email address or a business phone number would do wonders for people wanting more of what you appear to be selling—Your opinion.

It can be flattering to have others try to look you up. From a personal branding perspective it is almost a slam-dunk in needed information. And probably more important, giving out the e-mail from any provider does not guarantee that you will be on the receiving end of a boatload of spam, or offers to buy-in to some foreign currency scheme left by a “recently deceased” loved one.

If this is a concern, allow me to introduce you to the solution- Your delete button and your junk folder. If you start receiving alot of unwanted crap—Send it to the cleaners and give it all the respect it deserves. More times than not, you will receive solid invitations from people like yourself, looking to expand on their PROFESSIONAL Networks. It shouldn’t be perceived that giving an address equates to opening the book on your life (thats why you have personal e-mail and professional e-mail); not everyone wants to know all about you—Just what you have to offer or could possibly bring to the table in a business situation.

That is a rather large word—Business; but one that surprisingly is necessary. How do we find our leads or prospective business colleagues? A lot of them could come from everyday life; or they are contacts you have know for years and feel safe dealing with. But where does that leave the new business required to move forward and stay profitable? Do you really want to lose out on future dealings by not completely giving the necessary information at this time? Probably the answer is NO.

Yes, there are lead creating programs that could probably guess the information; but I do not see any reason why we would leave a sure thing to chance. There is even a chance that a close contact has the information you require, but that would allow someone else in on a potential business deal that you would like not to talk about until it is time.

The nice thing about generic e-mail programs is that they are readily available from most search providers. (Hotmail, Yahoo, G-Mail to name a few) if you really don’t wish a business account. However please bear in mind that the more professional your appearance; the more you will be perceived as the guy to reach out to who knows how to get things done.

Anyone who has read previous blogs will know that this is something I am passionate about; not because I am looking to change anyones business model.. but because it only makes good business sense.

PLEASE, PLEASE, if you are going to set up a fantastic profile outlining all of your good qualities and your business acumen; add that additional sentence by posting an E-MAIL Address. You may find an increase in queries and business contacts because of it. From me to you……that is…..

Something to Think About!!

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