Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good (enough??!!)

Is this where we settle? Good? Do we not look at better or try to do our best?
Good is okay but certainly not where we should end up! Try and follow (please
note this is written after The Recruiting Animal Show on November
HOW is “Good” enough? When we look at success, look at our job list,
look at our partner or employer and say “meehh, good enough.” Is this a point
where we should settle? NO!! Strive to do better and strive to be better– Good
is not Good Enough!!
WHERE is “Good” enough? possibly the bedroom or the
kitchen, Good enough is not Good enough in the workplace as this leads to
complacency and boredom. This means the challenge has been beaten and we have no
more goals.. NOT acceptable, on a personal level or on a business level; Strive
to be more and to do more as second place goes to the runner up, not to the
winner; and we should always be striving to win.
WHEN is “Good” enough? If you can place a time with a straight face then you are not being serious with yourself or those around you!! There is Never,Never a time where you should
settle for “Good Enough” You can always strive to be better and push those
around you until they push back and make you do better as well. The Mountain is
long, The River is wide….yada, yada, yada: But excuses either by you or to you
should not be accepted. Challenge yourself and Challenge all those around you.
No Challenge, then you my friend are playing in the wrong sandbox, and you need
to find somewhere else to play!! Not enough playmates–Find them!! Open your eyes
because they are right in front of you; waiting to join in on your new, cool
WHY is “Good” (not enough)? Because you need the challenge. You need to
wake up every morning scared that you have no control of your mind and let it
go! You are your own biggest adversary and your biggest confidant. There is
nothing wrong with two faces or two attitudes; just know when the time is right
to use each one– or the other people in the room will be calling for help. If
you have ADD, find someone with OCD to compliment you and keep yourself focused.
The opposite is also true, the time to use the mental issue as a strength is
NOW!!!! Rip the phone out of the wall, and get ready to kick some doors down;
you know that “good” is not enough and that “good” is not personally acceptable.
Set the bar higher and find those in your circle who will challenge you to be
your best. Most, if not all, of us have joined the social media age, and are
part of Twitter, Face-Book, LinkedIn, and especially WordPress and Recruiters
Blog; so there are people to challenge us!!!! Turn that light bulb on in the
brain-compartment and get ready for a better you and a better day. Repeat after
me–”I AM GREAT!!;and I KNOW IT!!!”; and get ready to say that to everyone who
doubts your resolve. (See section above about being number two).
WHAT is “Good” (enough?): Yesterday… because from this day forward sunshine, nothing but
the ABSOLUTE best should be the goal, and each day we should try and be just
that little bit better than we were, because we have many challenges in sight,
and only our absolute tip top best is going to be……Good Enough!!!
Something to Think About……


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