Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SocialHr Tech Tuesday June 11,2012(The Week After Radical Planet) Edition

Life is pretty good right now, especially if you happen to be me. Radical Planet 2012 Unconference in TO has come and gone. Great non-speakers and non-educators raised a lot of non-expectations and provided and incredible opportunity of non-learning to all the participants. Special Thanks go out to our American and Irish Contingent who made both the journey, and provided some really key opinions to get the whole (non) show buzzing about all things Social, HR, Sourcing, and what the state of the union will be in 2050. Yes, Life is pretty good for the former Radical Crew.

However, with the end of one (un)conference, comes the advent of more. Breaking News, according to Geoff Webb and Jeff Waldman (at some point guys…we should just identify you as Ebb and Aldman-> you know, so we can  tell your sterling hot selves apart J hmmm….maybe I should say Agent Ebb and Agent Aldman of the SHR-> Leave it with me guys! Something cool will come of this thread-> I just don’t see it yet. Any ideas from the Socialytes on how SocialHR will deal with its G(J)eff conundrum)  We are looking at a staggering total of 12 Unconferences in 2013; covering quite a bit of territory in the known world and boldly going where few sourcing icons fear to go. That, folks is what they call a ‘teaser’…more information will be coming in the months ahead, so, as they say on television, Stay Tuned.

Moving on to the second week of June 2012- First up is not so much a new program, but a variation on an existing theme. In the world of Microsoft, they have decided that ‘The Cloud’ is truly the future and kept that firmly in mind with the new Office suite, called appropriately enough “Office 365”. At this time it is available for all Office Users; meaning the Cloud will envelop desktop versions of Office 2007, Office 2008 for Mac, Office 2010, and Office 2011 for Mac on a subscription basis. Depending on the plan you choose personally or for your business your documents and powerpoint presentations, Outlook Mail and Word Documents will be both secure and available on both desktop and portable devices such as your Windows Phone. Subscription rates start as low as $6.00/month per user for up to 50 members of your staff, up to $20.00/month per user for large enterprises of over 50,000 people.

I think the main reason this makes my Tech-List this week, is simply for the accessibility and ease of use by the entire team on a single document, or project and you don’t have to waste valuable resources on a number of computing devices/tablets/phones/organizers just to keep the projects organized. Load them to the cloud, set up access for your team and away you go. Wrike is good as a tool to create the work-list this program picks up those reins and drives the team initiative forward full throttle. Have a look at the plans and the various features here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/compare-plans.aspx#fbid=nUhPt-Ib5dU . As an aside, like anyone else, I enjoy the underused term ‘Free’, but for the bells and whistles this package provides, I may just have to get this underwritten somehow to increase our team productivity. Hmmmm….Anyone need a Virtual-Carwash for (my)charity? Just thinking….

In keeping up with the times, The Sourcers’ Apprentice got a new phone. According to Darwin, one must get with the times to stay with the ‘cool kids’. Not wishing to be left behind, I turned (again) to the world of Windows and a Nokia Lumia 710. Apparently this is a second-generation idea, as Nokia has already released (and saw success with) the Lumia 900. My reason for looking at a Windows phone instead of an I-Phone as so many of my peers have, is that I don’t use a lot of data presently, and my messaging is currently limited to Foursquare (the Dark Knight edition), Twitter, Facebook…The usual offenders; and of course to track my latest e-mail assignment from Agents E and A. I lead such an exciting life (yes, sarcasm..) and I already use a pimped-out I-Pad 2, so why duplicate on a great tool. The phone comes with a number of cool options (basically you carry a Mango-Version of Windows in your hands) and it comes with a descent 6 gb memory. Couple that with the aforementioned Office 365 and you have a powerful productivity pair for accomplishing all your tasks on the road. The only hold-backs I’ve noticed is that the battery is a power-pig and you may be recharging the battery more than you are used to, and the tap-screen keyboard has a bit of a learning curve. Skype works great, so does the voice recognition, I can take meetings without chewing up minutes. You may say that by moving further into the new Socially Acceptable Age, The more accessible I become. Feel free to link up with me on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn by clicking the appropriate link. Currently I am also accepting Klout love from all givers.

So this week Windows rule the roost. Next week I have a special surprise for all the Socialytes in the crowd. So, Stay tuned for something truly exciting. You have never seen a column quite like the next one!!

MIH…each and every time

Daniel J. Smith Employment History

Manager of Community Engagement

Social HR

March 2011 –Present(1 year 4 months)Hamilton. Ontario

Assist in Social Media programs and assist clients in reaching their target audience. Help to educate the HR and Recruiting Community on effective uses of Social Media around Recruitment and General Marketing. Writes and offers advise on how to improve personal branding via social media. Possess Blue Belt in Internet Recruiting as approved by SHRM, HCI, CIPD.

Co-Facilitator and Peer Support Worker (BSH)

Good Shepherd Non-Profit Housing

July 2011 –Present(1 year)Hamilton, Ontario

Co-Facilitate Self-Help groups and provide a compassionate ear as a Peer Support Professional to individuals needing assistance

Peer Support Professional

Mental Health Rights Coalition

January 2010 –Present(2 years 6 months)Hamilton, Ontario

Assist in a drop in centre, counselling individuals who require a compassionate ear and personal attention. I provide 1 on 1 support to all members requiring it, be that in person or on the phone.

Sourcer and Social Media Intern

RBS Staffing Consultants

January 2011 –March 2011(3 months)

With this position I was responsible for recruiting leads, and candidates for employers; In charge of Social Media and finding the best ways to engage the social media initiatives of our brand. Internship ended in March 2011

The Sourcers' Apprentice

RBS Staffing Consultants

December 2010 –March 2011(4 months)

With this position, I was responsible for learning and supporting social media initiatives for the advancement of RBS Staffing Consultants. Internship ended March 2011.

Executive Assistant

RBS Staffing Consultants

August 2010 –March 2011(8 months)

RBS takes pride in placing top level professionals in productive environments across North America. As a “Candidate Driven” agency we offer top billing Recruitment Professionals productive and financially secure opportunities with Tier One Organizations. To our Tier One clients, we offer our placement services with Production Guarantees. Internship ended in March 2011.

Electronics Salesperson/ Keyholder

The Source by Circuit City

November 2006 –May 2007(7 months)

*Responsible for excellent customer service in a timely manner. 
*Inventory control
*Cash Control and Banking
*Daily retail paperwork, invoicing and stock replenishment

General Sales and Deliveries

Turkstra Lumber Company

September 2002 –March 2007(4 years 7 months)

The Turkstra Lumber Company is a family owned and operated business that has served Southern Ontario and the Niagara Peninsula for 55 years. With 12 lumber yards and three manufacturing plants we provide a complete range of products for individuals and contractors in the home building, renovation and commercial construction industries.
I was responsible for handling delivery details for our contractor customers to ensure they received their orders in a timely manner. Also maintained inventory control and yard maintenance. Provided general customer service for the walk-in clientele.

Kiosk Manager and Electronics Salesperson

The Brick /Radio Shack

August 2001 –September 2002(1 year 2 months)

Assisted the Store Manager in the planning and execution of a new electronics kiosk. Some of my duties included:
*Recruiting staff, and overseeing their direction,
*Inventory control, 
*Daily paperwork and banking 
*Providing exceptional customer service. 
Project wrapped in August 2002, where I transferred to the electronics division.

Store Manager

Showcase: The Best of As Seen on T.V.

October 2000 –August 2001(11 months)

Responsible for the day-to-day operations in an exciting new business to Canada.
My duties included:
*Hiring and directing staff in areas of store policy, 
*Location Maintenance, and Stock Replenishment
*New product testing,
*Inventory control and payroll.
*Handled any communication between the Franchisor and the Head Office

Store Manager

Radio Shack

August 1999 –October 2000(1 year 3 months)

*Responsible for daily operations of an electronics store
*Actively participated in the promotion of new and existing products and providing product knowledge to staff
*Participated in Store Upgrades and Re-Merchanding
*Provided excellent customer service
*Staff training
*Daily retail paperwork and banking

Store Manager

Microplay Videogames Trade Centre

February 1994 –August 1999(5 years 7 months)

*Responsible for the daily operations of a video game franchise.
*Sales, Rental and Promotion of Videogame Titles and Accessories
*Evaluate new products to the market
*Excellent customer service
*Inventory maintenance
*Liaison between the franchise owner and suppliers
*Daily retail paperwork and banking

Associate Manager

Multitech Warehouse Direct

June 1992 –January 1994(1 year 8 months)

*Responsible for daily operations of an electronics store 
*Store merchandising, signage and ad promotion
*Provided excellent customer service and all around support
(Before, during and after the sale)
*Staff training
*Completed quarterly inventory reports
*Daily retail paperwork and banking

Assistant Manager

Bi-way Stores Ltd

April 1987 –April 1992(5 years 1 month)

*Responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a retail store
*Daily reports
*Stock Ordering and replenishment
*Quarterly Inventory Counts and weekly maintenance
*Cash handling- paperwork- banking
*Staff scheduling
*Staff interviews and hiring
*Customer support and relations

Daniel J. Smith Education

Mohawk College

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

2011 – 2013 (expected)

Grade: Course 1- 93%

Mohawk College

Web Page Design / Advanced Internet FunctionInternet and Web Design

2011 – 2011

Completed the course with 89% success and a complete understanding of web-page design using HTML code.

Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton

ASISTsuicide intervention and prevention

2010 – 2010

I am a trained ASIST Caregiver. I have learned through this training how to negotiate a successful end to a suicide attempt and assist in the patient finding the care they need

Activities and Societies: n/a

Mental Health Coalition of Hamilton

Peer Support Counselling and Voices of Experience

2009 – 2010

This program showed me how to get involved 1 on 1 in a Peer Counselling role to help troubled people learn that they have the strength to overcome adversity and carry on in their day-to-day lives. Voices of Experience showed me how to get involved on Community Committees and Board of Directors (non-profit) by learning the rules and regulations regarding meetings and operating practices.

Activities and Societies: n/a

National Institute of Broadcasting

Radio Broadcasting

1987 – 1988

Learned the basics on programming a radio broadcast, from writing copy and commercials to doing voice-overs for programmes and commercials, to hosting on-air programming and interview segments

Activities and Societies: n/a

Second City Theatre

Improvisational Acting

1985 – 1986

Learned the art of improvisational acting, character development and scene construction as well as writing scenes and coaching other actors. This led to volunteer work with Theatresports in Toronto and Hamilton and starting to build a repertoire in the performing circles

Activities and Societies: n/a

Katimavik, Canada's national youth service program.

1983 – 1984

Parkside High School

OSSGD with Honours

1979 – 1983

Steady after-school curriculum; including student radio, yearbook, student newspaper, and both forms of students' council

Activities and Societies: Graduated with Honours; studies included English, Business Math, Marketing,Basic Accounting and History

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Cost of (Personal) Social Media Accounts

New year, New articles to curate, New stories which just cause me to shake my head. One such story which has been making the rounds starts in (not-so) Merry England where “A human resources executive was forced from his job because his employer found his resume online and that he would consider career opportunities”. The site (Linked In) is home to pretty much all professional resumes in circulation. In fact, it is probably one of the first site one applies their profile to when establishing an online profile; next to the other two sides of Social Media- Facebook and Twitter.

When one establishes their Linked In profile; and this is a sticking point for me when looking for connections to add to my network which will provide mutual benefit, I find one of two results-> The profile is full of easy to read information and is complete; or there is no information and I am forced to move on, not wishing to connect with a ghost…back to the story…

The fact that probably a good 90% of the working population has some representation on Linked In, Including the majority of this individuals (former) company leads one to wonder why a competent employee would be let go for a minor (read: fixable) transgression. Was it ever brought to his attention how the company wished him to be represented on the network? Was there a written form or list of expectations of how his accounts would be handled? (personal vs. professional); and if not-> Where was the problem?

Upon starting any new position, there is usually a lot of paperwork to be done and regulations to be read and initialed that imply you understand the company structure and you will be the dutiful employee, you will tow the company line, and shout the company mantra long and loud, even after the two of you have parted company. Soon (if some companies haven’t already) there will be forms to tell you how you will be professionally marketed so you fall into the company image.

This I have no problem with, where my issue comes forward is that, at the end of the day, I am ME; Meaning that unless the company is paying for my service 24/7, I am going to have some say in my image (professional and personal). If this company truly had a problem with which boxes were and were not checked off on a Linked In profile, possibly a better (read:quieter) way to handle it would be in the form of a company meeting or memorandum explaining which boxes were okay. Personally, If I am holding a strong position (or even if I wasn’t), the last implication I would leave is that I am currently looking to move on. (read: error made by individual). The boxes are all listed at the bottom, and I’m sure the company will give some leeway on how a profile is written to compliment both the person and the company.

For something to truly be monitored and enforced it has to be on everyone, not just certain people, and certainly not in such a way that the aroma of ‘single-out and replace’ lingers in the air.

New Year, New world, new set of standards are being established. I still believe strongly that my social image is something I OWN. Slavery ended a long time ago; and ‘The Man’ just has to set a bar of understanding for all. I am a sub-contracted employee to any company providing me with the means to make a living. When that agreement has been breached by either party, then change is expected; otherwise work it out and business as usual, because what is expected of one should be expected of all.

Next time: The other fireball burning up braincells: WHO owns my Social Identity? I’ll give you a hint, and validate my point.

Time to look at my Linked In profile; update it for 2012 and then tune up the cowbell.

Sourcers’ Apprentice/ The Daniel J. Smith