Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daniel J. Smith Education

Mohawk College

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

2011 – 2013 (expected)

Grade: Course 1- 93%

Mohawk College

Web Page Design / Advanced Internet FunctionInternet and Web Design

2011 – 2011

Completed the course with 89% success and a complete understanding of web-page design using HTML code.

Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton

ASISTsuicide intervention and prevention

2010 – 2010

I am a trained ASIST Caregiver. I have learned through this training how to negotiate a successful end to a suicide attempt and assist in the patient finding the care they need

Activities and Societies: n/a

Mental Health Coalition of Hamilton

Peer Support Counselling and Voices of Experience

2009 – 2010

This program showed me how to get involved 1 on 1 in a Peer Counselling role to help troubled people learn that they have the strength to overcome adversity and carry on in their day-to-day lives. Voices of Experience showed me how to get involved on Community Committees and Board of Directors (non-profit) by learning the rules and regulations regarding meetings and operating practices.

Activities and Societies: n/a

National Institute of Broadcasting

Radio Broadcasting

1987 – 1988

Learned the basics on programming a radio broadcast, from writing copy and commercials to doing voice-overs for programmes and commercials, to hosting on-air programming and interview segments

Activities and Societies: n/a

Second City Theatre

Improvisational Acting

1985 – 1986

Learned the art of improvisational acting, character development and scene construction as well as writing scenes and coaching other actors. This led to volunteer work with Theatresports in Toronto and Hamilton and starting to build a repertoire in the performing circles

Activities and Societies: n/a

Katimavik, Canada's national youth service program.

1983 – 1984

Parkside High School

OSSGD with Honours

1979 – 1983

Steady after-school curriculum; including student radio, yearbook, student newspaper, and both forms of students' council

Activities and Societies: Graduated with Honours; studies included English, Business Math, Marketing,Basic Accounting and History

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