Friday, May 20, 2011

I Want You to Want Me !!!!

“People will hate you, rate you, break you, and shake you; How strong you stand is what makes you”- Judy Reynolds, Facebook 2011.

Interesting comment I received via Facebook the other night. And how timely and true it could really be. Everyone wants to be number #1, sometimes so much so, that they forget the things they felt were important at one time, or feel that success is the be all and end all. To me, this all comes down to merit, how much faith we place in ourselves; and how much of a hold we allow others to have on our affairs.

Everybody would love at one time or another to be the “Top Dog” but what is the true cost of this position? Is it something which could consume us to the point which it becomes all we are focused on? (to the dismay of those closest to us) or will it be something that we only occasionally think about, because we are happy with the “status quo”. I think when we are younger, a good portion would be ‘A’ because we are trying to prove ourselves as a worthy employee. As we get older, not so much, as with age comes the general thought that we have taken all the steps necessary to prove ourselves; and now we are letting our drive and reputation lead the way somewhat. There will always be that young pup chomping at the bit to succeed and prove he is the new “chosen one”. One day (s)he will realize that motivation will only get you so far; sometimes skill and knowledge do trump youth.

That’s not to say that those around you won’t try at some point to burst your bubble. This could be a healthy case of jealousy over your success and what they deem “the golden horseshoe”. Skill still counts in today’s workplace and if you can receive the education needed to continually improve in your work environment, good for you! At the end of the day, it is your standard of living which you should be concerned with; and even your closest advisor isn’t going to take responsibility for your welfare. How bad do you want the “Brass Ring” and to what lengths are you willing to go before reality kicks you in the keister?

Never be afraid to be yourself; popularity contests are only for the insecure and those who know no better. by keeping your head down and your goals up, you will find a balance can be struck between what you are seen as and what you really are capable of. Stand firm, and don’t for one minute change your belief system, at the end of the day it just isn’t worth it, and probably sooner than later; the others that have been judging you, will see you were right the whole time.

Now that, is Something to Think About….

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