Friday, August 5, 2011

Your Brand is only as Good as Your Weakest Link.Guess Who?

Look in the mirror and ask yourself -“Can I perform my duties to the best of my abilities today? Or is this going to be one of those rare days that I am just going to go through the motions?” Answer honestly, because that will set the tone for your day as well as set your mind-set (good or bad).

If you genuinely believe that you will be successful today, then you will feel a little glow of positive energy which should carry you through the day because you BELIEVE in yourself and what you have to offer. Should you not truly believe that this will be a good day (due to various problems, home-life, outside distractions, etc.) then that too will be reflected in your aura, and the people you interact with will feel it, and know that you are not “walking the walk” of the image that you are trying to portray. You have to be truthful 100% of the time with yourself and not fall into the rut of the “false facade”

A false facade is an image you project when your mind is pre-occupied with anything other than the task at hand, and you are distracted to the point that your mind and body are out of sync and neither one wishes to take control of the situation. Another way of looking at this is the phrase “phoning in”. People know instinctually that you are not being real, or authentic, and you are just skating by on past glory (even if it is only yesterday) and know your production will be hampered by distraction and you will not be working to your usual 100% potential. Realizing this early will allow you to take the steps (whatever ones you use) necessary to stop a bad activity before it starts. One “phone-in” will lead to another, and the road to bad work-place habits begins. Whether you realize it or not, people look to you daily to help set the tone and the pace, whether you are working solo in a retail/salesman type of organization, or you pound the pavement, keeping as many possible cold-calls and appointments as your day-timer will physically allow. Your team and your clients deserve the best you have to offer; its up to you to follow through and provide for them the service which they have become accustomed to. You set the bar high when you started this adventure, you can’t lower it for a couple of days just because you feel off—consider it a challenge that requires you to rise and meet head on. Others cannot be held responsible for you in the same manner you are responsible for running an excellent environment where success and keeping a positive energy flowing daily.

Don’t accept #2 as this is the position of the unfocused. Strive for #1 in each event you participate in and show why you ARE the leader, not the follower. It’s probably taken a life-time to achieve your current position in things, and it will only take one or two bad transactions to feel the strain on your stellar reputation. YOU steer the ship, and YOU make the choices for yourself to act on.

Make sure what YOU are working towards is what you want, not just the best you think you deserve. YOUR Brand and more importantly YOU deserve better than that.

Class usual, hopefully I have given you “Something to Think About”

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