Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Sense of Identity

Common names are a bitch. I should know as I have one, and have spent the majority of my adult life saying "I'm sorry, thats not me" or "I rented what?? I don't think so.." An interesting fact is some people look to common names as a badge of anonymity;  that the more obscure the name, the more you stand out as an individual.  This of course, can't be further from the truth. Individuality is what you make of it because its the individual who makes the mark, not the name.  How many of us have read a newspaper, or done an internet search on ourselves for fun; only to be surprised that someone with the same name either died, or the results came back with a number of references worldwide both positive and negative. Death, is one of the ones I've dealt with. It can be fun explaining how the person two towns over that passed away really wasn't you, to the relief of family or friends who are out of the loop on your current life.  References always have a way of preceding me, and the more I deny connection; the more adamant the other party is that they are right, and me (who is living the life right now), I have to be wrong. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.........Okay...???

Since I have started taking control of my life (and in turn my identity) I've been trying to find a way which would separate me from all my clones in the world; and let people which I am dealing with know that I AM the real deal, and regardless of what has been said about anyone else sharing my name, unless its on my C.V. or my legitimate web accounts, or I have in some way confirmed the information.... it weren't me folks.  The last 6 months of personal branding have been real interesting, because almost every time I try to register my name with some web account (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wordpress, Recruiting Blogs, etc,etc) I usually find that my " identity" is being used by someone else, and I have to re-name myself someway so that the site will welcome me as a new user.  This leads me to something I have been "preaching" coming up on  years, everyone has to take positive steps to create and once created, protect your identity as it really is your personal brand in this world. 

The importance in this is shown in how many times stories start to circulate about you that are false. Think about the kids game "Telephone", one fact is given to one person, who is to pass it on, and on, and on, until it has gone around the whole group, and that information has transformed into a totally new fact; and it probably shares no relation to what it started as.  There are many courses available on "Brand Recognition" and many books are available on the topic.  Everyone needs to take control as they move forward in life to ensure they are putting the best foot forward at all times.

Applying for jobs, requesting assistance for something, making reservations, Moving and moving costs, and of course death and taxes require that the appropriate information is brought forward. The more we can do to make ourselves unique in this world then the better chance we will be hired, helped, or remembered for the good which we have done or can do; rather than the black marks placed on the identity by someone of the same name.

Each and every one of us is truly unique, and we should rejoice in our differences, rather than try to create an image of someone which we are not.  As more people get to know the "real me".. the man, the husband, the friend, the care-giver, the patient, and presently with the addition of Social Networking Guy, Executive Assistant and Sourcers' Apprentice, I really am lucky to say my identity is truly becoming mine.  Sure I would like to meet my "Other brothers of different mothers" if for no other reason than to say "thank-you" and heres hoping you have a good life too.........

Something to Think About.....

I AM Daniel J. Smith


Make Peace with Yesterday, Live for Today, Dream for Tomorrow; No Fear, No Regrets; But Trust in Your Self;
Believe in Your Self; Have Faith in Your Self; and You Will Affect All Others Around You!--This is The Human Exponential.

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