Friday, December 17, 2010

R.U. LinkedIn pt 2

R.U. LinkedIn pt2

Yesterday I commented on the basics of LinkedIn from the position of how best to create your profile. Later in the afternoon, I found an article that struck on many of the same issues I tried to express. Please read called How To: Optimize your LinkedIn Profile from written by Erica Swallow.

Now back to the blog. It took me a good couple of days trying to match my information sensibly with the questions asked by the program.  If you have multi-year experience in a variety of areas; you have to be prepared to include as much of that information as possible.  This online profile will soon become as important as your c.v. and should be thought of as such. Too much information is never a bad thing if it can be made to look good.

The summary should be your welcome letter, allowing people to get to know you and a little about your thinking pattern.  It should be the 2 minute-first impression-pleased to meet you and this is a taste of me part of the page.  This is a good spot to put alternative numbers or addresses which you can be reached at; so people can find you in future and connect when they need your opinion or services. I have mine set with an introduction, my contact info, and a summary of what I bring to the table now. As Sales/Recruiting is a contact sport, I  include that my many years of experience cannot be covered by just one page.

Next comes Experience and Education.  Everything that can come to mind as what makes you a truly unique individual should be listed there.  Places of Employment and Schools/ Courses taken for your work experience should be listed in detail; just like you would on a resume.  If its possible, this is where recommendations come in.Recommendations are LinkedIns’ version of references telling people what you do well and why others should consider you when trying to find suitable contacts.

If you do good work; Let everyone know that, and nothing can do it better than when you get a good recommendation or two. Getting a variety of recommendations will do better than many people saying the same thing. Tying it all up are web-addresses where you contribute or the company which you are employed. There is an option to change these from the generic to the current.

In closing: LinkedIn is a Key Resource for the future of many industries and for searching for the next break-out employee.  Take the time and treat it as you would your resume, or a very important business meeting with a new client; You never know where it may lead

I am The Recruiters’ Assistant wishing all of you: Happy Holidays!!!

Have Yourself a Fantastic Day!

Daniel J Smith

Make Peace with Yesterday, Live for Today, Dream for Tomorrow; No Fear, No Regrets; But Trust in Your Self;
Believe in Your Self; Have Faith in Your Self; and You Will Affect All Others Around You!--This is The Human Exponential.

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