Thursday, December 16, 2010

R. U. LinkedIn? pt 1

R. U. LinkedIn ???

One of the first things I did after setting up my desk and my computer was to start an important task in my new venture- Commence with the social networking.  That meant to me exposing myself in a grander nature on the internet than I had been comfortable with.  To me: Twitter, Facebook, even Linked In was inviting unwanted attention.  Imagine if you can, someone who had gone until now as a virtual ghost on the internet and was proud of it.  Even better, does anyone know anybody in recruiting who doesn’t wish some kind of attention.  Attention has pretty much the same importance as a business card or an advertising campaign for your business.

After setting up the standard accounts, and blog sites, I was asked to register anywhere I thought recruiters would be, or the sites where I could be noticed as a “Professional People Person” or the “Mindful Motivator” I had become known as.

This led me to an amazing program for any professionals looking to set up a network of valuable contacts, all in one place; that program being LinkedIn.  I decided that the best way to learn about this program would be to find a tutorial, or some form of instruction which would guide me to setting up an account which would give me the most exposure and allow me to create my all-important network. As a Salesperson, my day-planner and business card file was key, the emphasis is on ‘was’.  In this new world, you have to have a presence on the internet to succeed.  I found a book which would answer all my questions about LinkedIn called “Using linkedin” by Patrice-Anne Rutledge.

The first thing I started with was to edit my profile and the basics of my past work history, most of  which came from my resume; and create an identity which would set me apart from all the others in my business. Then came the contact information; meaning how could people get a hold of me should they need my services. Company website was listed, along with e-mail address, Twitter and Facebook feed, and my blog sites (Something to Think About; and The Recruiters’ Assistant- both on WordPress and assorted other blog-sites over the Internet; check them out and challenge my point of view).  As per my instructions I used the summary section as the place where I would list ALL my CONTACT INFORMATION.  Its amazing how many people are satisfied with just the bare essentials of information.  I want to be  found if my services are needed; less information would lead to problems with people being able to reach me. Please look at my information and feel free to add me to your professional network, as any assistance I can give is available for the asking. (

As I have learned: Linked In is a KEY resource for many industries, so feel free to establish the maximum exposure of YOUR brand, which in turn is as successful as the person in control wishes to be.

To be Continued……


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