Friday, July 15, 2011

Authenticity, Believability and Commitment


To me, there seems to be two types of people in the workforce: Those that can and those that wish they could. Once we realize which of the two groups we are currently in, then we can take the steps necessary to advance to the more prestigious group. It has been beaten into us from the time we are old enough to understand that we always have to be accountable for our actions, and be willing to pay the price if the service we give is either below the standard which we are capable of delivering (half-assed), or we over-state and under-deliver (two terms I really don’t like together, as the under/over games stands to be at least 50% wrong leading to 100% loss faith, business or a potential shot to your reputation…) This is where my ABC principle falls in line. Its simple, easy to remember and awesome to engage!

A is for Authenticity, or the ability to come across as knowledgeable in your field of employment, or in your representation of a product or service. How you relate to others often leads to whether or not you make the initial sale; or whether the client was impressed with your presentation enough that he/she moves your business card to the Rolodex marked “Regular Supplier” instead of “Don’t Call Again”. This particular part of the equation is not something you can accomplish overnight, but given time, resources, and the energy it is possible to master over time, and even adapt to new situations if necessary. People have to trust you and what you stand for, otherwise your words and your actions mean nothing and you bring even less to the table. Be prepared to take as much time as it needs to understand what it is that is being asked of you; and never be afraid to question the system. By regularly questioning things, you remain sharp and you have all the information needed to be in the top 1% of your field.

B is for Believability, or how genuine the prospect thinks you are. Can you deliver what you say, or should you better serve the prospect by suggesting someone more equipped to service them at this point in time? It is a risk that we all have to take, but one appreciated if it will lead you to over-delivering and under-promising. The prospect always remember the bad service more than the good, The more believable you are, the more natural the interaction, almost like two friends talking on the street. The more you deliver; the easier your name is to remember. This runs hand-in-hand with authenticity as it grounds you and gives credence to your reputation “in the industry” or in your personal dealings.

C is for Commitment, or how vested you are in a train of thought, in your organization, in your chosen field of work, to the people and products you represent or how you are perceived in your day-to-day dealings in any facet of your life. Do you believe in yourself and can you look in your mirror at the beginning of each day and know deep down that you are going to put forth the absolute best effort which you have? Do you have what it takes to ask the hard questions (if need be) or give the harder answers, even though it may cost you today? Can you be true to yourself above anyone else you deal with, and have the faith that you CAN accomplish anything you put your mind too? If the answer to any of the above questions is YES; then maybe all the years of preparation will lead to something, and quite possibly you may be the most honest person you will see today. Keep it up and the business is sure to follow.

In closing, alone each of these can only get you so far; together (if you believe in yourself and your product) they will make you unstoppable. You have the will to see it through and ensure that dealing with you is not just “another broken promise”

……Something To Think About

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