Friday, December 17, 2010

R.U. LinkedIn pt 2

R.U. LinkedIn pt2

Yesterday I commented on the basics of LinkedIn from the position of how best to create your profile. Later in the afternoon, I found an article that struck on many of the same issues I tried to express. Please read called How To: Optimize your LinkedIn Profile from written by Erica Swallow.

Now back to the blog. It took me a good couple of days trying to match my information sensibly with the questions asked by the program.  If you have multi-year experience in a variety of areas; you have to be prepared to include as much of that information as possible.  This online profile will soon become as important as your c.v. and should be thought of as such. Too much information is never a bad thing if it can be made to look good.

The summary should be your welcome letter, allowing people to get to know you and a little about your thinking pattern.  It should be the 2 minute-first impression-pleased to meet you and this is a taste of me part of the page.  This is a good spot to put alternative numbers or addresses which you can be reached at; so people can find you in future and connect when they need your opinion or services. I have mine set with an introduction, my contact info, and a summary of what I bring to the table now. As Sales/Recruiting is a contact sport, I  include that my many years of experience cannot be covered by just one page.

Next comes Experience and Education.  Everything that can come to mind as what makes you a truly unique individual should be listed there.  Places of Employment and Schools/ Courses taken for your work experience should be listed in detail; just like you would on a resume.  If its possible, this is where recommendations come in.Recommendations are LinkedIns’ version of references telling people what you do well and why others should consider you when trying to find suitable contacts.

If you do good work; Let everyone know that, and nothing can do it better than when you get a good recommendation or two. Getting a variety of recommendations will do better than many people saying the same thing. Tying it all up are web-addresses where you contribute or the company which you are employed. There is an option to change these from the generic to the current.

In closing: LinkedIn is a Key Resource for the future of many industries and for searching for the next break-out employee.  Take the time and treat it as you would your resume, or a very important business meeting with a new client; You never know where it may lead

I am The Recruiters’ Assistant wishing all of you: Happy Holidays!!!

Have Yourself a Fantastic Day!

Daniel J Smith

Make Peace with Yesterday, Live for Today, Dream for Tomorrow; No Fear, No Regrets; But Trust in Your Self;
Believe in Your Self; Have Faith in Your Self; and You Will Affect All Others Around You!--This is The Human Exponential.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

R. U. LinkedIn? pt 1

R. U. LinkedIn ???

One of the first things I did after setting up my desk and my computer was to start an important task in my new venture- Commence with the social networking.  That meant to me exposing myself in a grander nature on the internet than I had been comfortable with.  To me: Twitter, Facebook, even Linked In was inviting unwanted attention.  Imagine if you can, someone who had gone until now as a virtual ghost on the internet and was proud of it.  Even better, does anyone know anybody in recruiting who doesn’t wish some kind of attention.  Attention has pretty much the same importance as a business card or an advertising campaign for your business.

After setting up the standard accounts, and blog sites, I was asked to register anywhere I thought recruiters would be, or the sites where I could be noticed as a “Professional People Person” or the “Mindful Motivator” I had become known as.

This led me to an amazing program for any professionals looking to set up a network of valuable contacts, all in one place; that program being LinkedIn.  I decided that the best way to learn about this program would be to find a tutorial, or some form of instruction which would guide me to setting up an account which would give me the most exposure and allow me to create my all-important network. As a Salesperson, my day-planner and business card file was key, the emphasis is on ‘was’.  In this new world, you have to have a presence on the internet to succeed.  I found a book which would answer all my questions about LinkedIn called “Using linkedin” by Patrice-Anne Rutledge.

The first thing I started with was to edit my profile and the basics of my past work history, most of  which came from my resume; and create an identity which would set me apart from all the others in my business. Then came the contact information; meaning how could people get a hold of me should they need my services. Company website was listed, along with e-mail address, Twitter and Facebook feed, and my blog sites (Something to Think About; and The Recruiters’ Assistant- both on WordPress and assorted other blog-sites over the Internet; check them out and challenge my point of view).  As per my instructions I used the summary section as the place where I would list ALL my CONTACT INFORMATION.  Its amazing how many people are satisfied with just the bare essentials of information.  I want to be  found if my services are needed; less information would lead to problems with people being able to reach me. Please look at my information and feel free to add me to your professional network, as any assistance I can give is available for the asking. (

As I have learned: Linked In is a KEY resource for many industries, so feel free to establish the maximum exposure of YOUR brand, which in turn is as successful as the person in control wishes to be.

To be Continued……


Have Yourself a Fantastic Day!

Daniel J Smith
Executive Assistant
RBS Staffing Consultant
(905) 627-5060

Aspire for Greatness; and Inspire Greatness in Others

Happy, Happy, Happy...

This is the time of the year best spent reflecting on the year passed, On our various successes, on our family, on our chosen career, and to re-commit to the coming year, thankful that for us there will be a tomorrow and a second chance to make the all important first-impression.
Personally, I’m happy that I made it through this transitional year no worse for wear. I’ve had many challenges over the course of the last 12 months, from “finding myself” and my place in this new world, to helping out those people who just need a friendly ear to listen, to embarking on a strange new journey in the world of recruiting.  Anyone who has read any of my passed blogs, will know that I come from a sales background, being relatively successful for many years before an illness forced me to step back and re-evaluate a lot of my beliefs, and especially my goals when it comes to work and family; and how much time and effort would be spent on each.  I actually found a happy place and believe me when I say that that spot is mine and I intend to treasure it.
New people came into my life, each one bringing with them a new layer for the collage.  These people were key in providing a sense of direction and a different view on life and career.  Being involved in the Mental Health circles helped to show me what it means to really live, as it is the truly simple things which bring them awe. (thanks Calvin).  They have given me a reason to believe that strong effort doesn’t always achieve the goal, and that sometimes you look too hard for the answer staring you in the face.  We put too much effort and worry on things that are beyond our control, and not enough time and effort on the truly simple things and trying to enjoy the journey with all the bumps and bruises, rather than rushing to the endzone and scoring the winning touchdown.  For every journey we rush through and not pay attention  we miss the real goal and the real reason for the trip to begin with.
In the coming year, I hope to build on the successes of 2010, forgive those who didn’t always agree with my opinion, and try to pay attention to the big picture, as the various textures and hues are what makes any piece of art- a masterpiece.  To all my new friends: Thank you and may you all find what you deserve, and know I’ll be lurking in the background ready to help at a moments notice.  To all those I’ve met in my new vocation, I look forward to the lessons as we move forward, so I can achieve all the potential that you saw in me when the opportunity evolved.  To all those I have yet to meet- “Hello” from my corner of the universe, I look forward to connecting with you, to reaching out on common goals as there is much good we can do together.
May everyone enjoy the holiday season, regardless of your denomination or beliefs, and you enjoy all that is around you.  2011 is just around the corner and I feel it will be one heck of a ride.  Please join me!!

The Daniel J. Smith
Aspire for Greatness; and Inspire Greatness in others

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

May Your Season be Bright...And Sensible

Every year around this time I am reminded on how commercial the Christmas Holidays have become.  Having spent over 35 years in the retail trade, you would think I became accustomed to all the hustle and bustle, and the screaming and crying, but you would be very, very, wrong.  Ever since I was an undertall individual,  Christmas was a time for family and friends, visiting and eating.
Unfortunately, as the years have gone by, things have gotten more and more commercial, with the accent on how much I should spend on a particular person, rather than giving from the heart.  Homemade gifts used to be really awesome to give and receive because they required time and thought to be placed behind them.  However; that was then…..
Now people in the retail field are looking at the season with Scrooge demeanor; as they see shortages in the popular products, time off/ days off cancelled because the retail machine for some reason won’t function right without that particular associate, and really, really bad hours as stores seem to feel longer days mean more money, which in turn should mean more profits.  That is the key word: PROFIT!!
Anyone in the business who says they are not in it for money or personal gain would be lying; Yet every year they trudge on, singing the company mantra, but secretly counting the days until the madness is over for another year.  At this time it seems most retail personel work on automatic, with the settings being Eat, Sleep, Work; yet occasionally the settings for eat and sleep malfunction at the worst of times; as the days get closer and closer to C-day; and management expects more and more coming from less and less.  This is the worst time for stress to develop, as many people re-evaluate their career choice, knowing full well that when January 3 comes around; they did survive and will stick it out for another year; unless some fantastic opportunity should fall from the heavens and land right at their feet.
I think  most consumers forget a couple of key points:
1.  Retail Employees are Human too; and should be treated as such
2. The insane hours are dictated by the consumer and not the shopkeeper; If people kept their shopping to a sensible time, then the stores would be able to run at normal hours, and it would make everyone just that much happier.
3. Sunday shopping does nothing for the overall profitability of a store.  Seriously, am I to believe that stores make more money going 7 days a week then what they made in the past in 6? I’m not sure about anyone else but my paycheque never increased because of and extra day of being open, my shifts were just moved around to accomadate the new demands.
4.  Anyone who says that the retail employee has the right to look elsewhere is absolutely correct; provided they remember that not everyone is cut out to be a doctor or a lawyer.  I know many people who worked in retail to get through school, that had not really chosen it as a  career path, and were all the better at finding something better at the first improved opportunity to present itself.
5.  BOXING DAY!!! Is there any real reason why stores have to open at all on December 26th?  I always enjoyed the extra day of rest, especially after working the previous 23 days straight (yes it is legal if you are paid weekly)  The prices are only better on seasonal goodies left over; and crap that some person got real cheap to move real fast.  There really are no major bargains to be had.
The old family days of Christmas are gone, and all that is left is the memories of gathering the clan over a well cooked turkey/tofurkey as the world spins on faster and faster, and personal time becomes less and less (like it was in the older days).
I am glad to have moved on; and even more glad to have spent that time in the trenches, as it makes me appreciate how much harder the world of retail truly has become.
For all concerned, that gives you Something to Think About…
(thanks for the rant time….this has been a long time in the making- djs-:)